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SURFACE 85 sq mt | 915 sq ft




With the goal to create a mutant space the briefing defines the reformation of the façade, the outdoor terrace and the front bar of the existing Chakras Restaurant in São Paulo (Brazil). The façade shares the solid weight of the building but designed with a lightness from its movement (metamorphosis). The perforated metal box elements rotate becoming terrace dining tables during the day, eliminating a fixed border between the exterior and interior, creating for an inviting and casual dining. 

In the evening they act as a barricade creating a mysterious and sophisticated environment forming a shelter where clients can be only seen through the transparency of the closed façade revealing illuminating lights and shadows. A sense of an outdoor atmosphere continuous to be prevalent in the evening with the design of a circular skylight opening canopied by green tropical foliage.



Team: R. Brazao, R. Cavaciocchi, S. Ribeiro

Photographer: Maira Acayaba