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Surface 15 sq mt | 160 sq ft


In a building of the 1700 in the historic center of Lecce, the project was a modern view of the traditional “Cucina Economica”. The intent was to analyze this element with strong connotations in the past and extending it into the present. The massive walls made of local stone were the starting point which were vertical extrusions, an extension of its functional strength. Therefore, we wanted to create an architecture that emerged from the structure of the building. 

Envisioned as the prototype of a mini-working kitchen, the plan gives importance to the versatility of the concrete within the space and volume where it playfully offers itself as a homage with functional containers for traditional and archetypal elements of working and eating. The kitchen consists of only three materials: wood, tiles and concrete.



Team: R. Brazao, R. Cavaciocchi

Photographer: Edoardo Delille