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Surface 295 sq mt | 3,175 sq ft


The design of the house in the woods, is situated in the center of the city of Maglie, in Italy. The property has been untouched for over 30 years. The land consists of dense vegetation and an excavation site where boulder stones have been extracted. A two level house. The first at level 0, the public floor, composed of a kitchen, formal living room, dining room, bathroom, a separate multi-use room and outdoor pool. The second floor, at level -3m, is the predominantly the private area of the residential home, composed of the master bedroom, three junior bedrooms, a common living area, service units, and the electrical control room. 
The main level is derived from the concept of the Mediterranean patio-house where the initial exterior seems to be closed off to protect it from the exposure of the sun and from public view. From the interior a patio like opening leads to the main structure of a more contemporary design: a glass-house. The glass house structure enables the space to be completely exposed to its nature surroundings. Here, at -3m, the volume takes the form of the pre-existing excavation site. All the bedrooms face the exterior expansive stone-patio garden, integrated from the remaining excavated site.


Team: R. Brazao, R. Cavaciocchi, S. Ribeiro