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Surface 145 sq mt | 1,560 sq ft


Il Matto (The Mad Man) project stems from the concept to create a domestic space with recomposed fusions of Italian pop cultures such as the holy celebratory festivals found in south Italy to the suggestive reinterpretation of Fellini films like the “City of the Women”. The entry to the restaurant is through the multi-functional volume of the upper level bar that provides dual dining counters; a sliding compartmentalized cloakroom and a receptionist computer station. In the main hall, vibrant tea cup carousel like booths are the protagonist among the tables and chairs.  

The encompassed plush booths provide private “voyeuristic” dining options. On the elevated platform, the bar positions itself as a “privileged” seating option eliciting itself as dominating the overall view of the dining room and the outside lower street level seen through the floor to ceiling glass windows. The central lighting is the reinterpretation of a chandelier composed of hundreds of ornament linear lights; another pop plaintiff used as decorative elements during the sacred festivals celebrated in southern Italy.


Team: R. Brazao, R. Cavaciocchi, S. Ribeiro with F. Gaetani